University of Lynchburg Women’s Tennis Serves Just Desserts for Rivals

Women's tennis player hitting backhand
Final Score for MB v. UL. Image From

William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist

     On Mar. 17 and Mar. 20, the University of Lynchburg Women’s Tennis Team served up defeat for Mary Baldwin and archrival Roanoke, respectively. 

     Ellen Druebbisch, a senior and co-captain, said, “I think everyone is working hard to compete at the highest level. After a year devoid of competition, I am proud that we have done the necessary things to have a successful start to the season. If we keep working hard, we will have a successful season. It would be an amazing feeling if we can win an ODAC championship, as this would highlight every seniors’ athletic career. I want my teammates to leave it all out there on the court.” 

     Caroline Guill, a senior and co-captain, expressed the importance of the Roanoke win. She stated, “Roanoke is a team that was ranked below us in the preseason, so it was important for us to continue to prove why we were ranked as one of the best teams in the ODAC.” 

     Guill continued, “My personal highlight was in the University of Lynchburg’s match against Methodist University, a team that our program has not beaten in a long time. Furthermore, Methodist University is known for having a successful tennis program. I was the last match on the court. With the match tied at 4-4, I was able to pull out a win for my team, an incredible personal accomplishment.”

     Guill wants her teammates to experience these personal accomplishments as well. Guill shared advice to her teammates, stating, “Personally, I like to go into each match with the confidence that I have earned without forgetting the importance of humility. I believe everyone on this team is very capable. I just want to encourage all my teammates to enter the match with the expectation of working hard. My message is not to focus on the win or the loss, but to focus on the ability to compete and showcase strengths.” 

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