Open House Events for Admitted Students

Gannon Vitelli ~ Breaking News Editor 

     The University of Lynchburg is hosting in-person open house events for admitted students in March and April.

     Admitted students are invited to “Days on the Dell,” which will provide future students the opportunity to get a feel for the campus and what their college experience will entail. 

     Students will have the chance to meet with faculty from their area of interest, attend special interest meetings, and visit dining services.

     “It is important that they visit their new college home ‘to see themselves’ as a part of the college community,” said Rita Detwiler, the Vice President for Enrollment Management at Lynchburg.

     The events taking place have COVID-19 guidelines and protocols in place to make sure that no one is at risk during these events. All visitors will have to complete screening forms followed by temperature checks, mask wearing and social distancing.

     Lynchburg welcomed back in-person visitors in July 2020. Lynchburg believes it is important to have events like these to give parents and students a feel for their future college experience.

     Lynchburg has been successful in keeping coronavirus to a minimum this spring semester, and because of this, it has allowed the school to conduct more in-person activities.

     “Our students, faculty and staff deserve much credit and appreciation for their hard work and commitment to follow all of the COVID-19 safety protocols to keep the campus safe,” Detwiler said. “To do so during the season of COVID-19 took full commitment on the part of everyone, every day. We all play a critical role as members of the Lynchburg family.”

     The dates for these events are Mar. 19, Mar. 27, Apr. 9, Apr. 10 and Apr. 17. Friday open house events will start at 1:30 p.m., while Saturday events will start at 8:30 a.m.

     Lynchburg has made accommodations for students who feel uncomfortable visiting campus. There will be virtual events held throughout Mar., April and May. These webinars will provide information for topics such as housing, financial aid and student engagement.

     “We all want to provide the best living and learning experiences for our students,” Detwiler said.

     The university is excited to welcome future Hornets onto campus within the next few weeks as the spring semester only has a few more months to go.

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