College Life: The End Is Near


Pacing Yourself Near The Finish Line – Student Voices
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Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

It is that time of the year yet again… Midterms. They sound really scary because of all the tests that we might have but also checking our grades. At the end of the day we need to just take a step back to see how far we have all come this semester. 

This one goes out to my seniors, we are really on the last leg of our college journey and we tend to be stressed about getting into grad school or even finding a job. We got this even though it tends to be hard and very overwhelming. We have come this far, so let’s not give up now.

We as seniors are starting to look back on our college years and just reflect on the years that we got to spend here at the University of Lynchburg. Some of my favorite memories have been me just putting myself out there and not being afraid of what others might think. I have grown so much from doing this but have made so many friends along the way. 

My message for the underclassman is to put yourself out there. Try to say yes to the things that might intimidate you because you can grow from them and even learn new things along the way. 

Say yes to studying abroad,  say yes to joining a new club or even say yes to just going on a hike with your friends. These memories are going to last a lifetime. You definitely do not want to look back at college and say I regret not doing… 

I have made so many friends here that I can truly say will be my friends for life and I am truly so grateful for that. Now to help you get through midterms, Just breathe. I know it might seem all tenuous right now but this is a phase and this too shall pass. 

Take some time out of your day just to go sit on the dell because the weather is starting to get nicer, do a facemask or just even try and get you some rest. During this time you have to remember that you are just human and can not push yourself too much. 

Honestly just take it easy even if you feel like you have a lot on your plate because just like that you will be graduating and you will be asking yourself where did all that time go?!?

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