University of Lynchburg Men’s Hornets Hit the Ball Out of the Park

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William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist

      The University of Lynchburg’s Men’s Baseball Team hit the ball out of the park in their comeback victory against Averett on Wednesday, Feb. 24. 

      Head Coach Lucas Jones was ecstatic about the victory, stating, “In the home opener, we were down 9-2, but due to Santiago Meneses’ brilliant pitching and the batting turning the corner, we ended up winning 11-9. We really turned the corner as a team because we learned how to win important games when the odds are stacked against us.”  

      Meneses, a pitcher, thought that the win showed how much resilience he and his teammates have. Meneses said, “In the past two matches, my teammates and I showed tremendous attitude and grit no matter what the score was. We look forward to continuing to use this same attitude to build off our performance and continuing to improve as a team.” 

       Some of the bigger goals for the University of Lynchburg Men’s Baseball Team include defeating notable conference rivals. Grayson Thurman, a pitcher, said, “The team I look forward to beating the most is Roanoke. The reason behind that is they were the team in my freshman year that prevented us from being able to play the rest of the playoffs. These games between University of Lynchburg and Roanoke College are nail biter games and winning these games will make University of Lynchburg a next level team.”

      Other bigger goals for these hornets include winning the ODAC championship and making an NCAA tournament appearance. Meneses said, “Of course the goal is always a national championship, but in order to get to the national championship, we have to win the ODAC. With our season just beginning, we need to focus on winning the ODAC first.”  

      Despite the victory, the University of Lynchburg Men’s Baseball Team is aware of their immense challenges. Brandon Pond, a pitcher and infielder, said, “The coronavirus impacted our team just like it did every other person throughout the world.” 

     Thurman does not want his teammates to celebrate the win too much. Thurman said, “My biggest message is to never be satisfied with where you are at. There are times and places where it is appropriate to celebrate success. However, people cannot allow their satisfaction to prevent them from staying focused on their bigger goals.”

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