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Gannon Vitelli ~ Breaking News Editor

     The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter at the University of Lynchburg continues to be productive despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

     Dr. Jeremey Langett who is a communications professor at the university and oversees PRSSA. He said, “I was so happy to hear not only did we meet the 10 member goal, but we exceeded it.” 

The club was able to recruit 12 members last semester which exceeded the necessary number in order to run a club on campus. 

     The PRSSA is a student-run club that gives members the opportunity to build communication skills and gain experience in public relations. Members are given access to webinars and internships that expand their knowledge and experience in public relations.

     Normally the club would conduct a yearly event called “Dress for Success,” but due to COVID-19 and Lynchburg’s gathering regulations, the club will be unable to carry out the event this semester. This is an event that shows students what to wear during a job interview, and what not to wear.

    Members of the PRSSA would model acceptable attire in the workplace or during a job interview, and judges would evaluate the appropriateness of each outfit.

     Instead, the club has worked on various campaigns to help grow their brand. Hannah Belayachi who is the president of PRSSA said, “We had to get creative because of COVID-19 and gathering guidelines the school has.”

     Though the club’s activity has been limited, Langett explained that the members in PRSSA have still been able to gain experience in public relations work. “It has proven to be a small, but effective organization that helps build resumes,” he said. “It is as if we have our own little public relations firm on campus”.

     Belayachi said, “This semester we want to focus on more professionalism on campus.” The PRSSA at Lynchburg has continued to be productive even through the pandemic. This semester, the club is working on a sticker campaign and printing T-shirts in order to build their brand.

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