College Life: Putting Life Into Perspective

How Jewish traditions can help people through the bereavement process
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Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

This week has been a hard week for me because of the passing of my grandma. But one take away that I can take from this week is how we should appreciate every little moment with our loved ones. 

During this week I have done a lot of thinking and I want to make some changes in my life so that I can be the happiest that I can fully be. I feel like taking time off of school and just being with family really helped me just realigned how I see life. 

The first thing that I want to change is admire the little things in life and just cherish them. For example this can be just breathing but it can also just be taking the time out of the day to just admire my surroundings. I tend to be always moving fast especially being from NYC but I would like to change that. 

Another thing that I would want to change is showing my loved ones that I care about that. I tend to not reach out to my friends just to check in but I really want to change this. You never know when it will be the last time you tell someone that you love them. 

The last thing that I want to change about my habits is to just live my life to the fullest. This may sound very cliche but it’s so true, I want to live a life that is lived with happiness and no regrets. 

What I’m trying to get at is that we should all try to live in the moment even in a time like this. Covid is such a horrible pandemic but we need to appreciate the small good things that have come out of such a bad thing. We also need to just be more caring. 

With everything that happened this summer with people talking about the hard conversations of race. We need to just care about people for who they are and not judge them for the color of their skin. 

At the end of the day hug your loved ones that you can see, text your friends to check in on them and just take a moment out of your day to just smell the roses. Learn to be more appreciative of life because you do not know how love you have left on this earth. 

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