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Cassandra Matthews ~ Assistant Editor

     The Modern Language Resource Center, or MLRC, offers both in-person and virtual tutoring at the University of Lynchburg.

     Students taking classes in French, German, Latin, or Spanish can book one-on-one appointments with a tutor where they can get help on assignments, review material, and have conversation practice. In addition, students can also rent foreign language movies.

     Dr. Sharon Robinson is the director of the MLRC. She said that in response to the pandemic, the MLRC was adapted for virtual learning. However, students have the option of going in to the center’s physical location, which is Schewel Hall 366, for “pandemically-safe” tutoring. 

     For virtual appointments, Robinson explained that there is an online calendar for students to sign up for fifteen minute appointments. She said, “All are allowed to sign up for more than one appointment at a time, even if the appointments are back-to-back.”

     Sydney Nolley has been tutoring French at the MLRC for about a year. “I love discussing French,” she said. “I do not get many opportunities outside of class and it is so exciting to be able to learn with the students that come in and help them understand the language that I love.”

     She continued, “On operating virtually, I think that it is a good option not only for the tutors, but also for students, who do not feel comfortable coming into the language lab. It also makes it an easier resource to access, though there are some inherent difficulties that come with technology and not being physically in person.”

     Robinson praised the response of the staff to virtual tutoring, saying, “The tutors have been amazingly flexible and have learned the appointment system quickly.” However, both she and Nolley noted that many appointment slots remain unfilled, and they hope to see that change.

     “I would like to see the schedule full for all four languages each week!” said Dr. Robinson. “I think the MLRC is an excellent resource for our students and the tutors truly do love helping our students. It is a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone involved!”

     To make an appointment, visit

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