First Wellness Day

TJ Harvey ~ Guest Writer

     On Feb. 15th, the University of Lynchburg hosted its first of five wellness days for students to replace spring break which has been cancelled because of COVID. 

     The University hopes to mitigate the spread of COVID by decreasing the possibility of student travel over the break. Wellness days are supposed to give students an opportunity to relax and to take a break from academic studies. 

     The University organized spiritual and physical activities to participate in throughout the day. 

     Junior Keturah Forbes said,  “I think it is a good idea but for people that have jobs on campus they don’t have a free day so the wellness day is not particularly ideal for them.” 

     While first year, Desmond Harvey, said,  “I think it is nice to have a day set apart specifically for me to relax and not worry about classes.” 

     Some students noted that having to work on their wellness days felt as if they did not have a day off. 

     Taylor Deskins who is a graduate assistant who worked said, “I thought Wellness days went well. I didn’t get to see other events on campus, only the event that the student activities board put on. We had John Rush, the human iPod come to campus and I believe we had about 15 students come out and do live karaoke with him.” 

     Although students believe that they should have had a regular spring, even during the pandemic, the  wellness day events do provide respite from the monotony of classes. 

     “I think the Wellness Day events are a great way to give students an opportunity to get out of their rooms and have fun,” said Harvey. 

     Deskins agreed, “I like that we give students the option to participate in activities that may enhance one of the nine dimensions of wellness.”

The dates for the next wellness days are:

  • Tuesday, March 2
  • Wednesday, March 24
  • Thursday, April 15
  • Friday, April 30

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