National on Three, Champs on Six

Tharon Suggs. Photo retrieved from

William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist

     The University of Lynchburg men’s basketball team has been chanting, “National on Three, Champs on Six,” after every lift, play, and practice during their three-game win streak according to Tharon Suggs, a senior who is a guard on the team.

     The team’s winning streak is attributable to their hard work over the holiday. Suggs said, “Each and every one of us knew the importance of staying in shape and working on our craft. We began doing skill development workouts as a team before we left for winter break. The only way to ensure we continued moving forward was to maintain that same work ethic while being on break. Our coaches also scheduled small group workouts while we were home, which also helped us stay on top of our game.” 

     Israel Lockamy, a senior guard on the team, said, “It was not hard for me to remain motivated. I would say because it is my Senior year and I want to win more now than I ever have. I am sure the team feels this way as well! It was challenging for me to be able to practice over break, but I did workout often at home and at a friend’s house.” 

     Suggs, Lockamy, and their team have a championship attitude as this team refuses to lose. Suggs said, “Our goal each and every season is to win an ODAC championship. We set ourselves to such a high standard because we know we have the talent and staff to accomplish this every year. The feeling of coming up short last season left a bad taste in our mouth. Hence, this year, we pride ourselves on working hard and finding a way to win regardless of the situation. For example, in our first conference against Eastern Mennonite, we were down 5 points with about a minute left in the game. However, we showed resilience and found a way to extend the game and come out with the win! Our mindset to ‘refuse to lose’ is a big reason why I am so proud of this team.  

     Lockamy shared Suggs’ championship mindset when he said, “I feel like it is a good accomplishment for us regarding the three-game winning streak, but we are not done. And, we have a common goal to finish the season as ODAC champions and more. I am sure our fans are extremely excited, and we have tremendous support that we are thankful for. But the job is not finished for us as we are hoping to compete on a national, not just conference level.” 

     Suggs reiterated, “Our goal this season is to constantly improve every single day and win an ODAC & National Championship! Speaking for myself and the rest of my team, we have ultimate confidence that we are capable of accomplishing this goal. To my team, let us continue to sustain the transformation and reach our full potential. I am extremely proud of every single person a part of this team as we are so special. Let us show the rest of the country why we are so special! ‘NATIONAL on three … CHAMPS on six!’ will always be our chant at the end of every practice, lift, and game.”

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