College Life: Let’s get ready to recruit

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Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     The spring is always a fun time for our Panhellenic sororities here on campus. This is a time when recruiting new girls is in full swing and everyone is trying to showcase their chapters in their best light. Even though the week of recruitment may seem long and tedious, it is such an exciting process to see potential new members find their homes. 

     Recruitment starts this Wednesday, and people are already really excited to meet the new girls that are coming in. No matter what sorority they are in, we are all Greek sisters and love to see everyone find a new home where they feel the most comfortable. 

     I decided to ask some sorority girls what they were most excited about this recruitment. Recruitment is virtual this year, which might have been seen as an obstacle, but the girls seem to be really excited and here is what they had to say. 

     Dani Burgess, a member of Alpha Chi Omega, said, “I am excited to get new women in the sorority at the end of the week. I am excited for them to go through the process and have them find their home and us as sororities to have new sisters come home to us as well.”

     Shelbi Jordan, a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, said, “Honestly, I am excited that we are able to do it this year with everything that is going on. I am excited that we have a way to build more of a community in a time where it feels like you are all alone. Being able to bring people into [a sorority] is going to be a big joy!”

     Lauren Anderson, a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, said, “I am really excited for recruitment, it is my first recruitment after joining my sorority. I am excited to meet all the potential new members and I hope they all have fun going through the process.”

     Calie Vaughan, a member of Kappa Delta, said, “I am excited to meet everyone going through the process and excited we are still able to even have it due to covid. I just hope everyone finds their perfect match and just trust the process.”

     If you can not tell, these girls are really excited for new members to join sororities and find their homes. Being someone who went out for the process, I can truly say that it may feel like a long week, but when the week is over, it is just so rewarding to actually have a girl group who really cares for each other. 

     If you are going out for recruitment this year, trust the process and just have fun. Sooner or later you will find yourself graduating like I am and will look back on so many memories that mean the world to you. One of my favorite memories was honestly going out for recruitment.

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