Lynchburg’s Spring COVID-19 Policy

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Evy Brunelle ~ News Editor

For the spring 2021 semester, the University of Lynchburg has implemented a new set of rules for undergraduate students to follow before their return to campus. Caitlyn Roderick and Maddie Rice, both seniors, gave their opinion on the school’s new COVID-19 testing rules and policies. 

Senior Caitlyn Roderick said, “I feel like it was necessary. It makes me feel safer about returning to school knowing those I will be around are well.” 

She feels as if the random testing will also be beneficial to students, saying, “I think that’s an interesting and effective initiative. I know other schools that have been practicing random testing and I think it will make case numbers go up but will coax students into being more proactive about their health and the health of others.” 

She also believes that “…there is only so much the college can do to combat the virus, and I think they are currently doing all they can to ensure our health and safety this year, and to keep us on campus.” 

Even with the University’s new COVID-19 testing policies, Roderick still feels that “until the vaccine is more widely available, and more people have had it, it is very possible [for classes to be fully online].” 

Maddie Rice who is also a senior agrees that requiring a negative COVID-19 test before returning to campus is beneficial because, “It will help to minimize cases across the school as we come back to our dorms.” However, she expressed that she’s not sure that the random testing is necessary, saying “It seems as though testing should be done upon hearing of exposure or symptoms, not randomly as it seems like a waste and could upset students.” 

As for how Rice feels about classes possibly going all online again, Rice explained, “I am not sure how the precautions will impact hybrid classes, but they seem to be on the right path of ensuring campus safety. I hope we are able to maintain having some in person lectures and labs.  Online classes have made learning more challenging for me, but I’m grateful that my teachers are understanding and want to work with me to succeed.  I hope we continue a hybrid schedule, or even better we are able to return to all classes in person!” 

Rice also said, “I think [the University of Lynchburg] learned a lot from last semester.  It was our first semester back in this pandemic, so obviously there was a learning curve.  I’m hoping this semester will be smoother and less stressful.  Compared to other schools, I think [the University of Lynchburg] has done a very good job caring for its students and prioritizing their safety!” 

Students agree that the University of Lynchburg prioritizes their students’ wellbeing when it comes to the pandemic, and that they are making big strides when it comes to tackling COVID-19.  

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