Lynchburg’s First Virtual Recruitment

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Cassandra Matthews ~ Assistant Editor

     Sorority formal recruitment at the University of Lynchburg will happen virtually Feb 3. through Feb 6., with the last day to register on Jan. 27.

   Formal recruitment is a hallmark of spring semesters at Lynchburg. During this time, sororities meet with potential new members, called PNMs, in order for both the sororities and PNMs to see if their values and expectations align. This year will look different in the interest of safety. 

     Alissa Anderson, a junior, is the president of Panhellenic Council at the University of Lynchburg. Panhellenic Council oversees the four National Panhellenic Conference sororities that are at the University of Lynchburg: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Delta, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Alpha Chi Omega. She said, “Everyone is working really hard to make sure virtual recruitment is as similar and special as it would be in person, and I have no doubt that PNMs will have just as much fun as they would if recruitment were in person.”

       The Zoom video conferencing platform will be utilized. Instead of going from room to room as they would in person, PNMs will go from Zoom call to Zoom call to talk with each sorority. The “breakout room” feature of Zoom will also be implemented, that way PNMs can talk with a few sorority members at a time rather than the chapter as a whole. “[This is] very similar to what we would do for in person recruitment,” explained Anderson.

     Hannah Paulding, a junior, is the membership recruitment director of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Her role in her organization is to run formal recruitment and carry out informal recruitment events. She has been busy putting together recruitment workshops and practices so that her sorority sisters are prepared to meet with PNMs virtually. 

     “I am actually very excited for recruitment to be virtual this year!” she said. “I am hoping that everyone will be able to have more intimate and memorable conversations because you will not have all of the background noise and distractions as previous years. I am also hoping that there will be less stress (for the PNMs and sorority members) since everyone will be able to be in a room and an environment that they feel comfortable in.” 

     Paulding continued, “I really think that [Panhellenic Council] has tried to keep the recruitment process as similar and “normal” as it has run in previous years! There are some things that have changed, like not being able to decorate rooms and there is an added technology round just in case anything happens since everyone will be using their laptops. The one thing that has stayed the same is the focus on a values based recruitment and really trying to make this process as special as it can be for PNMs.”

   While Anderson indicated that she would prefer in person recruitment, like Paulding, she is still excited. “I like that everyone has kept such a positive attitude throughout this whole experience and no one has even considered cancelling recruitment. It really brought me joy that recruitment has meant so much to so many people and it shows because everyone is doing anything they can to make sure it runs smoothly. I would not say that I dislike the fact that it is virtual, but I would definitely feel more relaxed with in-person recruitment since I have been through it. But there is a first for everything!”

     “I am hoping to see a lot of women find their homes and find the place where they feel like they belong! This will definitely be a new recruitment process but I am hoping that everyone will get the best out of this experience!” concluded Paulding.

     To register for formal recruitment, visit

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