Mystic Magic: Tips for Destressing

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Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

     With finals around the corner, it is a more-than-stressful time in every student’s life. No matter how much we are looking forward to the end of the semester, we have to get through a little more before it is over.

     In my witchy opinion, there are a few things you can do in order to get through this time with your mind intact.

  1. Find something with lavender. Lavender has a soothing property, and is used in a lot of destress things, like small pillows and essential oils. If the pressure of Finals is starting to be too much, pack some lavender in a small pouch and keep it near you.
  2. Meditation. There are a ton of guided meditations out there, on Youtube and the like, but you do not have to use those. Sometimes, just sitting somewhere quiet, away from the noise of dormitories and whatnot, can bring down your stress levels, if only a little bit.
  3. Naps. I am a huge supporter of napping. While you may get eight hours of sleep every night, who is to say they were restful? Napping, especially short naps no longer than 10 minutes, can ease your state of mind and get you ready to keep studying.
  4. Study with friends. When you spend time with other people, you give yourself the opportunity to relax. You can chat about schoolwork, take a study room and work out what you need to know for the test on the white boards, or sit quietly and look over your notes.
  5. Give yourself time to do something you enjoy. Cutting out social time, as well as time you give yourself to relax, can raise your stress. Personally, I find cross-stitching while I am watching Netflix very relaxing, or finishing a book with nature sounds playing in the background. Find something you like doing and make time to do it.
  6. Go outside. Vitamin D is proven to lift your mood, so spending a little bit of time outside will be good for you. Especially as the weather is turning, and the trees still look pretty, take some time to enjoy the outdoors.

     If you know someone who has a pet, ask if you can spend some time with that pet. I have my cat, and since I am leash training him, I plan to bring him on campus so my friends have an excuse to sit in the Dell and relax a bit.

     With the pandemic, elections, and Finals on everyone’s mind, take some time to destress yourself a little.

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