Watch with Me: A Comedy Anime to Destress at Finals

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Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

With the spooky season having made its pass this semester, I wanted to turn to a more comical show for this week. “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!” or “God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!” (typically, just called KonoSuba) is a parody show that takes a number of anime cliches, such as reviving in a fantasy world, and twisted them into a comical situation. 

At the start of the show the main character, Kazuma Satou, dies after having a heart attack thinking he is going to be hit by a truck, which turned out to be a scooter. From there, he is offered a chance to reincarnate as the hero of a fantasy world and was allowed to bring one thing with him. He asks to bring the goddess (Aqua) speaking with him, assuming her to be all-powerful and a cheat to the end, but once they arrive, he learns how horribly weak she is. From there, Kazuma collects more people into his party and tries to save towns and the world from threats in his new life. 

The show is commercial both in its conversations and scenes, but also in its whole events. For example, one of the episodes revolves around a yearly event that is built up to be a dangerous threat to the town but ends up being a yearly harvest of cabbage monsters. The show also has a hilarious and extreme cast of characters, with Kazuma being the levelheaded normal person between them all.

Two of the most notable characters are Darkness and Megumin. Megumin is met first and she is a member of the crimson demon race giving her brown hair and red eyes. Her race has a huge affinity for magic, but she herself only has one spell she can use, and it uses all of her mana to do it, leaving her out of commission afterward. This spell is called “Explosion” and is as it sounds, and ranges from the size of a table to a full castle sized combustion. She was struggling to find a party that would accept her, and Kazuma ended up taking her, at first because he was desperate, but their friendship built up over time.

After the party is defeated several times, the group realizes they need to up their defenses and end up finding the knight, Darkness. She is a well-endowed knight with great sword skills; however, she is a masochist who would rather be beaten down than fight back. (This is a good a time as any to mention this show may not be the best to show the parents). 

As the show goes on, more characters are introduced, and antics get more and more dramatic. The show has two seasons as well as a movie and has a small handful of small specials. Konosuba can be watched on Crunchyroll, HBO, and Netflix in both English and Japanese and was made by Studio Deen.

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