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William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist

  The University of Lynchburg Men’s Basketball Team is kicked off preparation for their 2021 season with the Hornet Cup. 

Israel Lockamy, a senior guard on the University of Lynchburg Men’s Basketball Team, saw the Hornet Cup as a confidence boost for the 2021 season. Lockamy said, “My favorite moment was when our team won the Hornet Cup, and I hit the last half-court shot to win it! It will give me more confidence when shooting in actual games.”

He also said, “Just working out, I have seen many improvements from my teammates, which shows that they have worked on their game throughout the offseason.”

Lockamy wants his teammates to work hard during the holidays, but he also wants his teammates to enjoy their family. He said, “If some of our teammates live close to each other, they should work out together and hangout to just build chemistry. Also, remember to enjoy the times with our family and appreciate them. But we have to remember to be smart on break and stay focused on our goal of winning an ODAC Championship.” 

The pandemic has presented a new set of challenges for the basketball team, but  Justin Elkin, a sophomore forward said, “It’s not that hard honestly. I know that we will play again and that keeps me competitive. Also, not knowing what other people have done over the quarantine keeps me motivated because I am not going to let someone out work me. The hornet cup was fun, but we didn’t get to do our “midnight madness” like we did last year. However, this was a nice alternative. Coaches wanted us to have an opportunity to have fun and have a little team bonding. Overall, it went well.”

Elkin is committed to playing basketball daily during Thanksgiving break. He said, “I am going to keep working as I should not let anyone outwork me. I already spend hours in the gym and in the weight room so there will not be any changes. A few guys from the team and other schools live in my area, so we will always find a way to get together and hoop.”

Elkin is anticipating his team returning to competitive intercollegiate competition in the beginning of 2021. Elkin said, “To play against another team is nice. Practicing with the guys over and over again is tiring. We know what each other’s weaknesses are and we attack them every day to push each other to be great. We know that we are title contenders each year. As long as we trust each other and stick together, we can do spectacular things.” 

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