Senior Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest in the Pavilion, taken by Stephanie Arnold, altered by Kamryn Schnieder

Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

     The University of Lynchburg celebrated the class of 2021 with an Oktoberfest event on Saturday, Oct. 17.     The festival was held in the pavilion behind the townhouses and was split into two shifts to help control attendance and ensure safety. The event featured wine, beer, bratwurst, and music and allowed attendees a chance to socialize with their peers. 

     Oktoberfest is traditionally a celebration of beer, wine, and German culture held in Bavaria, Germany.   The event was organized by the Senior Planning Committee, spearheaded by Malik Nowlin, a senior and chairman of the Senior Planning Committee, and aided by BJ Keefer and Lauren Ferry Merck. 

     Nowlin  noted that  executing the event around pandemic restrictions included thinking about how to facilitate all seniors. He said, “We had people RSVP to account for those that wanted to attend. We also took people’s temperatures before they could enter.” 

     Lindsey North, an environmental science major said, “I thought the event was creative and it was a fun experience to be able to hang out with just the senior class.” In particular, her “favorite part of the event was getting to enjoy time outside and listen to music.” She stated the event could be improved if they had included some games, like corn hole to encourage more interaction among students.

North said, “holding events, such as the Oktoberfest, helps get our minds off of schoolwork and gets us to interact more with the senior class in a fun environment.”

     Nowlin said that the Senior Planning Committee, which includes Stephanie Arnold, Holden Cash, Claire Congelosi, Becka Hicks, Ken Kackley, Kameron Morris, and faculty advisor Jeffrey Snow, “definitely have a few ideas planned for this semester and are looking into some off-campus venues for events next semester.” 

     Nowlin also encouraged seniors to fill out a “Google form [asking] seniors what kinds of events they would like to see.” This form is an easy way for the Senior Planning Committee to know what exactly people are looking for in their events. For Seniors, check out the form here to help say what you want.

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