College Life: Spooky Season

45 Halloween Quotes To Celebrate the Spooky Season | Southern Living
Get into the Halloween Spirit with Carved Pumpkins. Photo from Southern Living website. 

Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     This has honestly been one of the best months so far of senior year. Not only is it a spooky time of the year but the weather has been beautiful and has allowed me more time to enjoy my friends and commune with nature.

     Last weekend, the University hosted a senior Oktoberfest event.  The event gave us a chance to socialize and enjoy a glimmer of final year normalcy.

  Emily Grunder, a senior at the University of Lynchburg said, “Due to covid I thought this year was not going to be fun at all and the seniors will not be able to feel like seniors but this event was truly amazing because It was nice to finally feel like a senior.”

     Jackie Amato, another senior said, “I was really excited to find out that our school was hosting an event just for us and I am really looking forward to what they have planned next for us.”

     The festival feedback was all positive feedback and we were all grateful that the university hosted the event. 

In addition, it’s the spooky season.

     My townhouse really looks forward to this time of the year. We have been watching a lot of scary movies but we have recently had Hocus Pocus on repeat and I am not complaining. We even have painted pumpkins in our house.

     We try to have a movie every night until Halloween, filled with snacks and scary or classic Halloween movies. Last night we watched Coco. This is honestly one of my favorite movies and the ending always gets to me, leaving me with tears of joy. 

     We have been honestly trying to make the best out of the situation and it is nice to have things be the same, like having a movie every night or getting pumpkins. This year might look different but we are not giving up on this spooky season. 

     If you are obsessed with this time of year, honestly make the most of it, but be safe. Go to a corn maze, go apple picking, go paint/carve pumpkins. Have fun but while you are having fun, just make sure to be wearing your mask. 

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