Men’s Basketball Team Overdue Grind

Justin Elkin
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William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist

The University of Lynchburg men’s basketball team has resumed practice for the fall 2020 semester in anticipation of competing for an ODAC championship in 2021.  

The men’s basketball team suffered a heartbreaking loss to Virginia Wesleyan University at the Salem Civic Center on Feb. 29, 2020, to finish a 15-12 2019-20 basketball season. 

Sophomore Justin Elkin says that the loss that his team experienced in the ODAC semifinals has heavily motivated him and the rest of his team. 

Elkin said, “It motivated me a lot. We fell short last year and being able to take a break from everything else allowed me to focus on hooping. You either get better or worse during the quarantine, and we didn’t get worse. As athletes, we try to play every game like it is our last. No matter the adversity we face such as the virus and the time we face it such as the preseason and ODAC championship, we leave everything out there.” 

As the team returns to practice, he said, “My favorite part is being able to get back to an actual grind and being able to work with coaches and teammates even with the precautions and restrictions.” 

With a new season approaching, the seniors on the  team are happy to welcome the first year players.

Senior basketball player Israel Lockamy said, “Make sure you have a set schedule and write it down! Also have some help, so you do not get overwhelmed with everything. And, take every day one day at a time! 

Lockamy also said, “As a senior basketball player, it is important that I make sure to go to the gym and either get up shots, run, or work out with a couple teammates in order for us to be prepared for this upcoming season.” 

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