College Life: Spirituality Pt. 2

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Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

This year I have been really focused on going on a spiritual journey to better understand my life but also try to conceptualize the world that we live in.

In my last article I focused more on what I was getting to allow to go on my spiritual journey. This included my crystals, teas, tarot card and Oil pulling. I want to highlight different things that I do with these items that allow me to be more relaxed and relieve the anxiety that I have.

So the first thing that I did was focus on mediation. I have struggled really hard to focus on one thought before or had a hard time to relax. Now I try to meditate every morning and lately I have been really focused. I tend to have a different focus each time I meditate. For example I focus on my breath or other times I focus on the world around me like the water, trees or people I have care about.

Another thing that I do is making sure that I do give myself daily affirmations.  I honestly thought that this was not going to work but when I started staying these things I started to believe it and this is important. When you believe the things you say then you can change the way you see yourself. I have self esteem issues but I feel like by doing these they have really helped me love myself more. On top of that it has helped me take each day at a time. I feel like this is a practice that I want to continue doing throughout my life. 

I recommend doing this even if you are not spiritual because it allows for you to be up your self confidence but also to start believing the things that you say about yourself. 

I also do yoga practices and one  that I found was from youtube.They are usually all from Youtube. One Yogi that I love is yoga with adriene. The one video that I picked to focus on this week focused on calming your nerves. 

I did this yoga practice whenever I was feeling overwhelmed or just needed a break from what I was doing. I feel like yoga has honestly made me become more relaxed. Even if you are not that flexible there is always a yoga practice that you can do and still feel comfortable doing it.

Lastly I have been playing with my tarot cards and at first I very much was a skeptic but I am very happy that I got them. I feel like I have studied it enough to better understand my days or things that happen and why it is happening. I really do believe that they work only if you believe or connect with them. 

I am really excited to have been on this journey and I am very excited to see where it takes me. 

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