Lynchburg Dining Services During Quarantine

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Jackie Lerro’s townhouse she was quarantined for 27 days.

Chip Quinn ~ Guest Writer

     Feeding students in the midst of the pandemic has been one of the main concerns for the University of Lynchburg dining staff since the campus reopened in August. 

 The dining hall staff  have worked tirelessly to create a seamless dining experience for students across the campus. The university was particularly concerned with how to feed students in quarantine.  

Many adjustments were made on the fly to accommodate students’ needs, such as “foam carry out boxes to keep food warm as well as the addition of a night snack on weekends for those in quarantine,” said Michial Neal, co-director and head chef of the dining services on campus at the university.

“The food situation was not the worst in the world, but there could have been some improvements that could have been made,” said Patrick Moore who was quarantined in his dorm for 14 days. 

While the service wasn’t without hiccups, students were also able to request “healthier options like salads and not as many desserts,” said Jackie Lerro, a 27-day quarantine veteran. 

     The dining service staff have weathered the initial wave of COVID-19 adjustments on campus and they are assiduously preparing to support students for the remainder of the semester.

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