Watch With Me: Rainy Day Anime

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Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

     Normally, I write about the thrilling action animes I have been watching or would recommend, but this week I want to write about something low and slow. Some slice of life anime that warm the heart and just make a sad day better. 

     This article is titled after the first anime I want to talk about. It is one that almost hits too close to home and when it first came out a few of my friends actually pointed out that the main character was a lot like me. 

     “My Roommate is a Cat” is pretty straightforward in plot. The main character, Subaru Mikazuki, is a novelist who lives alone with severe social anxiety and social awkwardness. One day, he decides to adopt a cat who has gotten lost. The show bounces back and forth between the two characters, showing how they interpret their interactions with one another. Haru, the cat, is a kitten who thinks she is tougher than she is and often finds herself shocked that while Subaru can offer her a life of luxury, he fails to keep himself in good health, often collapsing from exhaustion and skipping meals. 

     If you want a show with intense storytelling, maybe steer clear of this one. But it is cute and a feel-good show of only 12 episodes, a nice rainy-day show. You can watch this show on Funimation ( or Crunchyroll ( 

     For a longer, more emotional show, I recommend “Toradora!” It is slightly longer, with 25 episodes, and features a larger cast of romantically challenged teenagers. The main character, Ryuuji Takasu, is a clean freak with a kind heart, but a mean face. At the start of his second year of high school, he comes into contact with the violent and energetic Taiga “Palm Top Tiger” Aisaka. Her short stature hides her true spirit and ferocity, earning her the nickname. As the show goes, romance blossoms between characters, and friendships are tested. It a tear-jerker of a show and I have cried almost every time I have rewatched it. 

     “Toradora!” is available on almost every streaming platform including Amazon, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. 

     Maybe watching high schoolers is not your thing; maybe you want to see people closer to your age engage in mundane, everyday antics? Then try “Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (Wotakoi)”. “Wotakai” follows a set of four characters that all work together at some random business. It explores the romances of the characters, their after-work hangouts, and lightly touches on the struggles of being an adult with hobbies and interests in the modern world. This show probably will not make you cry, but it is nice to see a show about just everyday life in early adulthood. “Watakoi” is available on Amazon, Netflix, and Crunchyroll.

     There are so many other slice of life anime that are great to watch when you really just want to feel something. Others worth mentioning that I will no’t go into detail about here are: “Violet Evergarden”, “Hyouka”, “Kokoro Connect”, “AnoHana,” and “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.” These are just some of my favorites in the genre and there are so many others to explore. The best part about it, is that most of these are short, one season anime with 12 to 25 episodes, about twenty minutes each, so the binging is very easy. 

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