College Life: Staying Focused

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Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

So midterm grades are out and I hope that all of you are feeling good about how you did. This time of the year can have students feeling overwhelmed or even stressed. Honestly this is a good time to focus on self care in order to make yourself feel better and improve those grades. So here are some tips to help you relax during this time.

During this time I really do enjoy doing face masks with my friends. Not only is it relaxing but you are  helping to clear up blemishes on your skin that you might have gotten from over stressing. I tend to use a wash off mask but you can use any type of mask that you want!

Second I tend to drink a cup of tea while cuddling up in my bed with a good netflix show. I feel like tea is really relaxing and having your favorite show on will allow for you to take a break and just enjoy what you are watching.

Third, hangout with your friends.These people got your back and are going through the same thing you are so just find a time to reconnect with them and have fun. Watch a movie, cook or even play a game.This is honestly a good time to just take a break and check up on your friends. 

All of these things are what I do to help me relax and just reflect on myself because I do understand that this time might be very stressful so I just tried to take each day at a time. My self care list might not help you but you can make your own and cater it to you as long as you are finding time for yourself. 

So once you take time for yourself you then should go back to focusing on your grades. Do not let your grades get the best of you because you have time to grow and always take time for yourself when you are feeling stressed or anxious about your school work. 

Lastly remember that you got this! Do not let your grades define you as a person because you offer so much more than that and this is something that I have to constantly have to remind myself. Hope you have a great week 

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