Watch with me: Antimagic and Grimoires, the World of Black Clover

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Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

       This week I want to talk about a longer show that is currently airing and has stocked up over 140 episodes. “Black Clover,” produced by Studio Pierrot, is a fantasy adventure anime based in a magical world of four kingdoms: Clover, Diamond, Spade, and Heart, where each country has its own magical style. The story focuses on a set of wizards (or mages, the translation mixes the two) in the Clover Kingdom, who use grimoires as a focus for their magic and cast specified kinds of spells through it. One example is the character Yami, who uses dark magic. Another is Yuno, who uses wind magic. 

     The magic is not limited to elements or objects, however, as there are characters who can also create and control mirrors and light, as well as the Wizard King who can control time, amongst other unique magics. Additionally, there exists the sinister demon magic, as well as the unique and dangerous antimagic, possessed by one of the two main characters.

     The story revolves around a wide cast of characters, but it is safe to say that Asta and Yuno, orphaned brothers, are the main characters, Asta more so. Asta is unique in his struggle in the way that he possesses no mana, or magic, to his name. Within the first episode (which is why I did not spoiler tag this), we learn that Asta has such little magic that he is actually the holder of a unique grimoire that allows him to wield a sword of anti-magic. 

     Related to that, the title of the show comes from the grimoire Asta uses. The grimoires have a lore for themselves, a legend of sorts. Each leaf of the clover represents something: faith, hope and love. Yuno, the other brother, possesses a mythical four-leaf clover on his grimoire, the extra leaf representing luck. However, Asta possesses the ominous five-leaf black clover, which is said to possess a demon.

     But, a grimoire is a grimoire, which means that Asta and his brother, at the age of 15, are clear to join the ranks of the mages and wizards and pursue their dreams to become the Wizard King and protect the Clover Kingdom. Things get bumpy real quick, however, when a group of violent wizards from the Diamond Kingdom begin attacking the Clover Kingdom.

     I will not give much else away, but I will give fair warning the in both the original Japanese and the English sub, the first 20 or so episodes will be very hard to get through, both in terms of just acclimating to the characters and story, but also because Asta is a loud kid who does nothing but scream for a long time. I promise it is worth it though, especially if you like to binge things because as the show progresses, it gets better. You can find “Black Clover” to watch on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and even Netflix, both dubbed and subbed.  

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