Mystic Magic: Cleansing

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Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

     As the spooky season descends upon us, and with Mabon behind us, it should be about time to think about cleansing. The next full moon is Oct. 1 and that is the perfect time to clean your space and start fresh.

     First of all, crystals are a great way to cleanse your space. Selenite, charged by the moon, is a great cleanser. Hematite will ward off bad energy. Black Tourmaline is a spiritual protector. Amethyst also has protecting properties. There are tons of crystals out there, and all of them have their own properties. Do some research, find one you like, and go get it.

    Second, if you are living off campus, you can burn some incense. For protection and cleansing, I would recommend Dragon’s Blood incense. Patchouli also smells nice. One of my housemates loves burning mugwort and frankincense. Of course, you should also do your research about the different incense properties, in case one of them has properties other than cleansing, but smoke cleansing is one of the more popular routes.

     Third, sound cleansing is nice for people who do not want to deal with rocks and smoke. You can use a tambourine, a sound bowl, a bell, or really anything that makes noise. Go through your house and make some music.

     Fourth, and final, is that if none of these sound like a good option, just go to each room and think positive thoughts. Politely ask any negativity to leave, invite good energy in, and have a calm, good time.

     Of course, with all of these, you should have your windows open. If you are cleansing a space but do not have at least a door cracked, the negative energy will have nowhere to go. It is essentially the same as swirling spoiled milk in a cup, instead of just pouring it down the drain. Windows are best, but if you cannot open your windows, crack your doors. Have some way for the negativity to escape.

     There are also ways you should not cleanse your space. Palo Santo and White Sage are both very important to Native Americans, and White Sage is an endangered plant. If you are not Native, or have not been invited into their practices, then you cannot use these to cleanse your home, period. No ifs, ands, or buts. It is a closed practice and should be respected as such.

     The full moon is the best time to cleanse your home, but you can really do it whenever you feel as if things are dusty and need some sprucing up. Blessed be!

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