College Life: The journey of my Spirituality

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Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     This week has honestly been a spiritual journey for me. I have always been spiritual but I have never really chosen to learn more about different rituals. For example I have been learning more about crystals, tarot cards and herbs. 

     For some reason I have been really feeling pulled to doing more meditation and better understanding my energy. 

     Everyday so far I have been doing Oil Pulling, which is a practice of Ayurveda which is an old herbal medicine. Oil pulling is when you swish coconut in your mouth for 20 minutes in order to pull out toxins from your body. It was hard at first, but if you find something to do while doing it then time will pass faster.

     This week I had the opportunity of going to Grounded Earth, which is a shop that has spiritual books, tarot cards, essential oils, crystals, etc. There I got 5 crystals, Himalayan Salt and tarot cards. 

     Some of the crystals that I got were Fire Crackle Agate, BloodStone, Goldstone, Green Apatite and Amethyst. All of these have different healing forms but I tried to get similar ones that relieve stress, anxiety and help with self love. I wanted to get these for mediation and to incorporate them into my everyday use. 

     I loved how the crystals I got were making me feel so I started to do more research on more things I can do and found a crystal that I really wanted. It is called Moldavite, which is a stone for total transformation. I ended up getting this at a different store but when I was getting it the lady in the store read my energy and was spot on and confirmed my perceived notions on getting this crystal. 

     At this store I got Moldavite and Rose quartz, which is a crystal for self love. I am so excited to see the impact that my stones will have on my life and I definitely will be using them in my morning meditations and in yoga. 

     I did get tarot cards but I am still learning how to use them. My housemates are really excited for me to learn them so I can practice it out on them. Honestly I need more time to learn before that happens. 

     The last thing that I got this week is chaga tea. Chaga is a mushroom that is packed with antioxidants and can benefit your overall health.

     I am really excited about the spiritual journey I am about to embark on to better myself mentally and physically.

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