Adjusting to the Hybrid Curriculum

Rachel Parent ~ Staff Writer

     As the University of Lynchburg moved to a hybrid curriculum, there have been some adjustments both for students and faculty.

Assistant Professor of Criminology, Daniel Murphy, stated, “I will be glad when we can teach in a traditional setting again as I miss the constant interaction with my students. However, I am proud of all the UL students who have taken the COVID virus seriously allowing us to have at least limited in-classroom experience while so many other colleges around the country have been forced to go completely online as they haven’t been able to control the virus to the same level that we currently have in place. UL Rocks!” 

       It has also been challenging for students to stay on top of their schoolwork and balance the online and in-person alternations with their classes.  Senior Andrew McCracken, stated, “It is a little harder to pay attention in class online and hold myself accountable, but overall I do not find it overly challenging. That being said, however, I do much prefer the connection of being in the classroom more and I think I learn more in that setting too. Unfortunately, this is happening during my senior year but I am thankful that I am a senior and can be relatively self-sufficient to the point that this pandemic and the restrictions are not having a large negative effect on my experiences here.” 

McCracken noted that the shift to hybrid classes is not affecting his last year, he is still enjoying all that the University has to offer. 

 Senior Nicole Diienno stated, “I appreciate the weekly update emails we are being sent out. It provides a sense of security that there is constant communication so we fully understand the situation.” 

    As the Covid-19 cases decrease, students are finding comfort in the regular email to keep students informed about the state of the campus.

   While there have been several adjustments overall the responses have been positive within the student body. 

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