College Life: Reserve Wine Bar: A Taste of VIRGINIA

Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

Reserve wine bar is the first wine bar to hit Lynchburg. After a year and half of planning and renovation the wine bar recently opened in downtown Lynchburg.

All the wines on the menu are from Virgina. This allows for visitors to get a taste of some of the best wines that this state has to offer as the fifth wine producing region in the country after New York.

Mike Lawler and Mike Barefoot met in Northern Virginia to open up a winery then Lawler moved back home to Lynchburg with his wife Megan. They soon realized  that Lynchburg did not have anything like a tap room or a wine bar.

The menu is a seasonal one to ensure that patrons have  a never ending experience. This allows for visitors to always have the opportunity to try new things. The menu is affordable for college students. 

Emily Grunder, a senior at the University of Lynchburg, wanted to try something new and thought Reserve would be a good fit for it. She said, “ I really like wine and was excited to hear about this new wine bar downtown. There is nothing like this in Lynchburg so I am really excited to come here more often.”

Grunder also said, “The vibe in this place is so homely and all the workers are just so nice. They have done an amazing job at making people feel at ease. Also this wine bar is  affordable so that as a college student it does not feel like you are hurting your pockets.”

According to Mike Barefoot the chief operating officer, “With the exceptions of the social distancing and the mask we have blessed where there has been an outpour of support…we have been trying to move to reservations but also seating walk-ins so we can accommodate as many people.”

This wine bar like many restaurants has been taking many precautions such as clearing each table and area after a visit, having hand sanitizer available but staff also wear  masks. 

For more information on the Wine Reserve, visit their website,

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