College Life: Senior year

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Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Now that classes are fully online and we can not have visitors, we honestly have to make the best out of each situation. So here are some things that have been keeping me and my housemates busy.

    First off, we really love cooking. Lately we have been having these themed dinners and they have been such a blast. For example, one night we did a Tiger King theme and had tacos, Another night we had a Punk Rock theme and we played Punk Rock music while eating dinner. Each night we try to change up the theme and make it fun so we do not get bored.

     Another way that we stay busy, honestly, has been doing some at-home workouts. The first one that we tried was Chole Ting and let me tell you, even if you work out a lot, this will most definitely get you sweating. 

     Another work we have been doing is yoga. We have been watching Yoga with Adriene. We really enjoy these videos because she walks you through everything and they are great for beginners. When we do not feel like doing yoga, we tend to just meditate. For this, we mainly just find random videos online.

     My townhouse and I have been trying to stay in a normal everyday routine by making time to meditate after a class or doing 30 minutes of yoga. This has really calmed us down and allowed us to not get so worked up with the little things, the things that are out of our control.

     On top of these things, we do have movie night. Movie night has honestly been the highlight because we take turns picking the movies. I am a huge movie buff so it is always nice to see what other people choose. Lately we have been watching a lot of rom coms, so I decided to spice it up and we watched a horror movie.

     We ended up watching “Insidious;” it made some people not be able to sleep but I feel like it was definitely a good choice.  

     With everything that is going on, we have tried to find the bright side of things and I am so grateful that I am getting the chance to make new memories with my friends. Covid may suck but I am grateful that it has brought us closer as a house. 

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