Lynchburg at alert level 2

  • Updated 21st August, 2020
The Dell at the University of Lynchburg, photo by Stephanie Arnold.

By Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor-in-Chief, Cassandra Matthews ~ Assistant Editor, Dr. Ghislaine Lewis ~ Advisor

One week after hybrid classes resumed at the University of Lynchburg, the campus moved to an Alert Level 2.  

According to an email from President Alison Morrison-Shetlar, there are currently five active cases of COVID-19 among the student population, 26 students in quarantine on campus and another 11 in isolation. The university is also awaiting awaiting test results on an additional seven suspected cases.

The campus is expected to remain at a Level 2 Alert from  12 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 20, to 12 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 26 as they try to mitigate the spread of the virus.

At a level 2 alert, President Morrison-Shetlar’s email indicated the following protocols will be in place: 

  • All campus dining options are takeout/delivery only.
  • All classes move to online delivery for one calendar week from Thursday, Aug. 20, through Wednesday, Aug. 27, with the exception of graduate health programs and clinical/hospital rotation students. 
  • All in-person athletics and student organization programming is suspended.
  • All indoor recreational facilities are closed.
  • Residential facilities remain open.

The university will reassess the alert in a week to see if the above mitigation efforts were successful.

Malik Knowlin, senior, said, “I am glad that the school is being proactive about this stage. Level 2 to me seems like a great option. Reducing traffic is a great way to slow, and hopefully stop, the spread on campus.”

Julia Melone, senior, said, “I am just terrified they are going to call it quits and send us home, next thing you know.”

Niraly Patel, junior, said, “I think, hypothetically, if [in] seven days, so by next Thursday, they figure out that, ‘Hey, we have so and so number of cases’ and then they can make an intelligent decision, because the [students] have basically been quarantine, like everybody has for a while now, so it’s just they have a more…it is still a working number but it is kind of more solid than it would be if we were all just running around campus so I think that is a good thing. However, [I am very stressed] with having classes online. [I am also scared of] having classes in person. So it is, like, stress or fear, which one? Whatever happens, happens, and I will deal with it, I think, because it is… you cannot have the best of both worlds. It seems like you cannot have the best of either world, actually.”

For all the latest information efforts to stop  the spread of the coronavirus at Lynchburg consult the status sheet on the COVID-19 webpage.

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