Movies & Missing Men’s Soccer

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William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist 

On Tuesday, Aug. 11, Shellenberger Field at the University of Lynchburg was repurposed and used as a movie theatre. For the Lynchburg Men’s soccer team, this was a historic but bittersweet moment. 

When Kyle Gallagher arrived at the University of Lynchburg, he envisioned his senior season and fourth consecutive year as the starting goalkeeper, winning the ODAC championship and competing for the national title. Since the ODAC announced that all fall sports competitions will be postponed until the end of 2020, Gallagher’s dreams for his senior season have been postponed, and the dream of competing for a national title has been cancelled. 

 Gallagher said, “I love seeing my fans happy and if it is with seeing a movie on the field that is great.”

Everyone on the men’s soccer team views the offseason as important because the men’s soccer team has a short preseason. Gallagher also said, “I think the offseason is the most important time because in a season we only get a few weeks of preparation time. We tried to do our best and tried to stay on top of everything. We are trying to maintain the highest level so when the season starts, we will be prepared.”  

Coach Chris Yeager, the Lynchburg Men’s Soccer Head Coach who has won the ODAC sixteen times and been to the NCAA tournament sixteen times, said, “Having no NCAA championship in the fall and the spring is very disappointing, but hopefully we can work towards an ODAC championship.”

For the fall semester, Coach Yeager wants his players to play intramural so they can have as much fun in college as possible.  

However, Coach Yeager does want his players to focus on responsibilities. In terms of what everyone’s responsibility is, Coach Yeager, said, “The academic aspect is the most important part right now. We work daily on what the fall will entail for them soccer wise. Hopefully, the whole team will be together again, and information is coming out daily. We will practice in the fall.”  

In his freshman year, Noah Gregory, the current sophomore goalkeeper of the Lynchburg Men’s soccer team, said he will miss playing his favorite sport, but he will miss watching sports even more. 

Gregory said, “I like watching field hockey because it is different from the norm. I love cheering teams on to keep them motivated. I do not have a specific player, but I just miss cheering on the field hockey team the most because all the players and coaches are so passionate.” 

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