Fall Athletic Competitions and Dreams Postponed

Enza Steele. Photo retrieved from https://www.lynchburgsports.com/sports/fh/coaches/esteele?view=bio.

William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist

     On July 20, 2020, after an upward trend in coronavirus cases in  Virginia and the United States, the University of Lynchburg and the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) postponed all fall sports competitions for the remainder of the calendar year of 2020. 

Many University of Lynchburg student athletes used their spare time during summer vacation to improve their skill set in their favorite sport. Unfortunately, many student athletes will be returning to campus without being able to play competitively. 

     However, according to Lindsey North, a senior women’s basketball player, varsity athletes have maintained contact with fellow teammates, and have been accountable with their individual workouts. 

North said, “When we do our individual workouts, we have a Snapchat group to make sure we are accountable, and we have a few team meetings during the summer to catch up.” 

     Alexis Brown, a four-year starter and All-American for the women’s field hockey team, said, “The many meetings and activities have helped strengthen our relationship.” For women’s field hockey, women’s basketball, and other varsity athletic teams, the meetings during summer break were essential to strengthening teammates’ connections. 

     During summer break, coaches and athletes worked hard and were hopeful. However, sometimes players would have to improve their skill set in an unconventional way. 

Four-year women’s field hockey goalkeeper, Laurel Nicks, said, “I resorted to hand eye coordination skills to improve my goal keeping skills by bouncing tennis balls off a wall.” 

     The tenured women’s field hockey coach of 42 seasons, Enza Steele, is heartbroken that her players will not compete for a national championship, but she wants to give her players advice.

 She said, “Stay fit, do not just stay in your room and eat pizza for three months because you are afraid to go to the cafeteria, and focus on your studies too.” 

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