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By Jyoti Aggarwal ~ Guest Columnist

Photo of Garlic.

There have been many conversations about how we can improve our immunity systems during the current COIVD-19 pandemic. I have a keen interest in some of the remedies my family uses that are not traditional medicine. 

The ingredients in these remedies are commonly used in every kitchen and easily found. These remedies will be very effective in saving the lives of our innocent brothers and sisters. These practices can be done by everyone to keep viruses away and can also be performed by people who are under treatment as well. 

The important ingredients are garlic, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper powder with honey, and onion juice. 

  1. Garlic. It needs to be chewed in raw form. One clove of garlic is sufficient in a day and can be taken with fruit like apples, kiwis, or bananas. Garlic is usually eaten cooked, but its raw form is most beneficial. It is antibacterial, anti-flu, and is a strong immunity builder. A normal person can eat it to boost immunity. To patients, it will help them recover. Garlic is a priority to build immunity. One can be flexible while eating it. One can chop it into the pieces and take small bites as well. If someone can not chew the garlic, they can swallow it with water as well. 
  1. Ginger powder, black pepper, and cinnamon powder. Take in equal amounts and add double the amount of honey (1:1:1:6). Take half a teaspoon in the morning and in the evening. Spend 10 minutes on the intake of it. Do not take anything after eating it for an hour. Milk, coffee, or warm water can be consumed after its intake.  This combination boosts immunity as well. This is an alternate to the first point. One can take it 2-3 times. If someone can not take garlic, they can use these ingredients. 
  1. If someone has a breathing emergency and their nose is closed, they can put four drops of onion juice in their nostrils and lay down for 3-4 minutes. Their nose will clear and the person will start breathing easier. Repeat it three times a day or, if needed, perform it 7 times. It will itch a little for 15-20 sec, but it will be very effective. This whole practice should be done in a lying position. Do not drink anything after doing this. And if you want to drink, have lukewarm water.
  1. For the patients who are in the hospital, television with some comedy and their favorite music can be played so that they feel like home and motivate them towards healing.

Garlic is the priority for increasing immunity and getting instant results. It is inexpensive and works the best of all the options. My hope is that you will be able to mitigate illness.

****The views expressed in this article are not the views of the Critograph or the University of Lynchburg.

6 thoughts on “Home Remedy Recommendations

  • Eya Mahouachi -

    Thank you Jyoti for sharing home remedies of your family! My grama used to give us honey, olive oil, and lemon mixed together as she belive they may improve the immune system. I look forward to trying these out.

  • Steve Dawson -

    Thank you Jyoti for writing an informative article on an interesting topic! I look forward to trying these out.

  • Jyoti Aggarwal -

    If someone feels the heat in the body (due to warm nature of garlic), one can have lemon in normal temperature water to cool the system down. Garlic can be taken with any meal or salad. The key is to consume it RAW.

  • Kathy Thomas -

    Love home remedies. I am excited about trying these. A friend had me try the garlic before, as it has several different uses and can be mixed with various other things or not. Either way the effects are great for the body’s immune system. I have also tried cinnamon for diabetes and have taken vitamins with that in it. Cinnamon works well in DM. Excellent article! This has definitely spiked my mindset. Thanks

  • Jyoti Aggarwal -

    Thanks for posting the article!

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