COVID-19 Statistical Awareness (SC Edition)


By TJ Harvey

During the coronavirus outbreak, streets have been empty, Five Points have been closed, along with beaches, and other highly populated activities have been shut down due to the advisory of Governor Henry McMaster.

Richland County, Columbia, South Carolina, has a population of 415,759 people. According to SC Department Health and Environmental Control, Richland County ranked number five with a county rate of 165.72, with 689 positive cases and 14 deaths.


Currently in South Carolina, there is 12 percent more male deaths than female deaths due to COVID-19. Local college student Jarren Manning, Claflin University, c/o ’21, said,  “I wash my hands more now and I’m working out at home, but I’m not really going out of my way to put on gloves and a mask because there is such a thing called good germs,” says Manning.

South Carolina has performed a little over 40,000 tests with 4,608 of those tests to return positive. When knowing statistically what is going on in a current state, it can sometimes set a level that is uncomfortable.


“I am staying safe by staying out of South Carolina. I’m lucky to be on an exchange program studying in Montana for a semester. I feel much safer here because the quarantine is taken very seriously, and the local authorities care about keeping people safe. In the Southeast, many leaders and lawmakers in states like South Carolina have made it clear that the economy is more important to them than people’s lives. That scares me more than the virus itself,” says Evan Groth, University of South Carolina, c/o ’21.

As theories are flown in the air, as the virus decreases, and states are allowed to go back to normal some individuals have a negative opinion on the preparation for the pandemic.

Groth Says, “Our state and nation saw this pandemic coming, had time to prepare unlike less fortunate companies, and still failed miserably. If there is a silver lining to be found I hope it is a public revelation that the government is incapable and unwilling to protect the poor, vulnerable and disfranchised people of America. These are the people hurt most by this pandemic.”

Leaving in good faith, “I hope everyone stays safe and God bless,” says Manning.

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