COVID- 19 Hurting or Helping our grocery stores?

     Local renovated Food Lion in Claymont Delaware is one of the many stores that have been affected by the Coronavirus. Photo by Allyssa Lawry.

   By Alyssa Lawry ~ Guest Writer

        As one of two Food Lion’s in Wilmington Delaware this store has a lot on their plate, store manager Mark Smondrowski was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to discuss how things are operating.

        “Our company is committed to providing a safe environment for both associates and customers. We have followed the state guidelines calling out for social distancing, capacity maximums and enhanced cleaning responsibilities. Extra measures to help would be to mandate masks for all people in the store as well as reduced maximums,” said Smondrowski.

        Although the store did not change their hours from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. they have taken other preventive measures. They have adjusted to only one entrance and one exit, as well as having a maximum limit of 94 people in the store at a time.

        Customers that enter the store like Nathaniel Frisby said, “ The only thing really helping is the one side for entrance and one exit.” The preventative measures that are being taken seem to be enough but in his opinion, the customers are the ones who should be taking more caution.

        This Food Lion store, as well as many around the country right now have been undergoing renovations to make shopping easier in the long run. “The renovation in the store is the hardest thing to work around, all the aisles are different and it is not as easy to find things due to that,” said Frisby.

        A Food Lion associate, Maddy Mcdowell said, “ I think the renovations in our store both help and hurt us, it helped to get rid of old registers and shelves that we had for ten plus years, which were covered in all types of germs that could hurt our customers. But it also gives the cashiers something new and fresh to work with, although the construction workers tend to get in the way at times. It’s crazy how we closed early for renovations but not for the virus.” 

        As the Coronavirus is hopefully coming to a close the customers, associates, and essential personnel are doing everything they can to make things easier and safer for those around them.

Old registers being removed during overnight construction. Photo by Alyssa Lawry.

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