Coronavirus Quarantine Affects Small Family Restaurant

By Kara Barnes

Normally a hot spot in Glenelg, Maryland, Ten Oaks Tavern is a small family-run restaurant that has found itself empty due to the spread of coronavirus and resulting quarantine.

In an attempt to keep business booming, they have changed their food options to carry out, curbside pickup, and delivery within 3 miles. On the Ten Oaks Tavern Facebook and Instagram pages, the staff post  information everyday including:

  • Who is working on which days;
  • What the specials are for that day;
  • Hours of operation;
  • Liquors and wines available for purchase;
  • Thank you messages for support.


Ten Oaks Tavern in Glenelg, MD. Photo from  


In his interview, Manager Daniel Jackson said, “It has been a huge adjustment not only on our sales, but on our employees. For some, this is their main source of income and not being able to give them that opportunity is painful.”

Many Maryland residents are feeling this way during this pandemic. Although not everyone is considered essential, these people still need a source of income to stay afloat. Ten Oaks Tavern is one of the many small businesses who are adjusting to this new way of life.

With more stay at home orders being put in place, it is becoming hard for people to leave their homes in order to support these businesses.

Sam Weinstein, a bartender at Ten Oaks Tavern, said, “ I am one of the few staff members who gets to come into work weekly. Because the dining room is closed, we only have two front-of-house employees working at once, so only those who are licensed bartenders were chosen to work.”

She also said, “The phones have been ringing off the hook and because of that, customers get upset when they have to wait to place their order.” However, even with this pandemic madness, employees are still attempting to keep a positive attitude and hope for the best.

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