Gender Inclusive Housing


By Stephanie Brown, guest writer

Gender inclusive housing made available on southside of campus


The University of Lynchburg will support gender inclusive housing beginning fall 2020.

“Gender inclusive housing is not like co-ed buildings. It takes away boundaries and gives more housing opportunities for students who identify with more genders than just two,” said Terry Bodine, housing coordinator.

This particular housing option is something the university has been trying to push for years. However, it was a challenge to implement the idea because of the housing software being used at the time, said Bodine.

The way it was originally designed, it required to designate students and rooms as either male or female. “This was a problem for transgender or non-binary students,” added Bodine.

“Students should be able to choose freely when choosing somewhere to stay on campus. They should not have to come and explain themselves to the residence office in order to be accommodated,” said Bodine.

The office of housing and residence life recently made a proposal to the senior administration to meet the needs of students by changing the housing software. With the new software in place, students can now sign up for housing without any restrictions and have the option of living with whomever they may choose.

“I think it’s a good idea, I think we should have more gender inclusive housing and people should be able to live with whomever they decide” said junior Lamaya Lacy.

“Gender inclusive living includes all of south side housing and possibly a wing or floor of buildings such as, Freer, Shack, Hundley, Mont, and Tate,” said Bodine.

Parent of a current sophomore, Cynthia Stepney said, “My child is now an adult. They have the freedom to choose who they want to live with and where; I am more focused on them getting an education.”

For more information, visit the Office of Housing and Residence Life located on the third floor of Hundley Hall.

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