The New Criminology House

Crim House
Photo by Anna-Catherine Kueng

Jamie Swartz ~ Staff Writer

     Faculty from the Criminology department at the University of Lynchburg are hoping to move back into the Criminology House by the end of the spring 2020 semester after almost two semesters of disruption.

     The Criminology House was severely damaged during a weather event in July 2019, forcing the relocation of all of the Criminology professors to accommodate repairs.

     Assistant Professor of Criminology, Daniel Murphy, said, “A large Oak tree fell on the building while I was in it. Fortunately, I did not get hurt. The tree fell on the building over the summer, and we are hoping to be back in it by the end of this semester.”

     As noted by Critograph Assistant Editor, Anna-Catherine Kueng, in a September 2019 article,  students were discombobulated about where to find their professors and Criminology staff were uncertain about their future relocation.

     Keith Smith, an instructor of Criminology, said, “We lost use of the building for this academic year (though they may be close to finishing the repairs to CRIM House).”

     According to both Murphy and Smith, even before the tree damaged the Criminology House, the building was not perfect. 

     Smith said that he will not miss “the creaky floor, drafts, and I do not think it was ever officially determined if something was living in the basement.”

     With the pending move back into the Criminology House, Murphy said, “I am looking forward to having most of the criminology faculty back together as we have been scattered around campus in temporary housing while the school repairs the damage.” 

     Smith said he is looking forward to “being able to take a break on the front porch, watching the world go by, getting some fresh air, and looking at things beyond the distance of a computer screen.”


Criminology House after storm (Taken from an article posted on WSLS 10 website)

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