College Life: Studying amidst the Coronavirus

Student Abroad
Photo by Kelli Carte

Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer 

     This week has been such a hectic and crazy week with everyone in my program and the world worrying about the Coronavirus that has been affecting so many people. The most affected country in Europe last week was Italy. As a result, everyone was on high alert. A lot of my friends who went to Milan for fashion week were actually scared that they might have been infected.

     My friends who went to Milan for the weekend said that not only did they have to go through security to get on the plane, but when they got off the plane, they had to get a body scan in order to see if they were sick or had a fever. Some of my friends indicated that it was surreal, like something out of  a movie.

     In the past few days when I went to pharmacies, the hand sanitizers or face masks would be sold out. Everyone is trying to take high precautions for what is happening. The number  of emails that I have gotten from my program here in Barcelona and also from the University of Lynchburg has been overwhelming. However, I am so grateful that they care about our well being. 

     Alternatively, my parents are apprehensive and did not want me to travel last weekend, so I had to cancel my trip because they felt safer with me staying in Barcelona rather than exposing myself to the travel risk of getting ill.  

     However, my study-abroad program distributed face masks to students who chose to travel this weekend or in the future so they can be further prepared. 

     On a much lighter note, my classes here have been really life changing. We just got done with midterms and I am happy with my grades. 

     Being immersed in a new culture and learning about art or politics in Spain is very different from the way it is taught in the United States. 

     In my campaign class, I learned so much about the political parties in Spain, while in my art class, we are learning about the history of art and Spain.

     I think this new perspective has changed me for the better. 

     The new perspectives that I am learning in Barcelona have exposed me to new ideas and being more conscious in the way I analyze and view the world around me.

     The classes I am taking all count toward my major or my minor, so I am really taking my classes seriously. Many students who chose to do a semester abroad take their classes as a joke, but I am trying to learn as much as possible. 

     Until next time, have a positive week. 


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