Parking On-Campus


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Caitlin Dorsch ~ Co-Editor in Chief

 In the past few weeks, there have been numerous emails by the Office of Campus Safety and Security’s Director J. Robert Driskill regarding the parking issues on-campus.  The most recent email from Driskill stated, “Over the course of the last few months, University Security has received many complaints from non-student residents of Amelia St., Bell St., Lakewood St., and College Dr. as to the number of University First Year students parking their vehicles illegally on these city streets.” 

     Third-year psychology major and Westover Honors College Fellow Amber Taylor said, “The parking issue has been long standing since the beginning of the building of Westover Hall.  It is always hard for my friends and family to find parking on-campus whenever they visit. This difficulty has become a safety concern, especially in the morning when everyone is rushing to get to class or in the evening when everyone is returning home from a long day.”

     The Office of Campus Safety and Security has worked tirelessly to maintain the protection of everyone who attends, teaches, works, or visits the University on a daily basis.  Driskill’s email went on to say that “These [parking] violations are […] a safety concern of all residents.”  

     During an interview, Driskill noted that there is a “major confusion” about parking on-campus.  He cited the building of Westover Hall and having to transport students from the Annex to campus in the beginning of the year as a major cause of the current issues.  In the attempt to satisfy aggravated students, faculty/staff members, and visitors, the campus has added more parking on Lakeside Dr. and adjusted the parking line positioning in front of the Turner Gymnasium.  And, the campus has recently acquired the “New NEST,” next to the “Old NEST” that is getting updated to allow for parking soon.

     Deputy Director Dean Caifano added, “We are working closely with the University’s Physical Plant and Grounds Department to help alleviate the issues surrounding parking.  We’ve even changed the lighting around the main parking areas, like the NEST, to allow for a greater sense of safety while walking at night.” Caifano also mentioned that “students, faculty/staff members, and visitors are always welcome to contact the Office of Campus Safety and Security if they ever see a suspicious person(s) or feel unsafe in any way.”

     Both Driskill and Caifano stressed that every member of the Office of Campus Safety and Security “cares” for the students, faculty/staff members, and visitors of this University campus.  




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