Students on the Prez Elect

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Grace Cavanaugh ~ Co-Editor in Chief

  Since her announcement last semester, Dr. Morrison-Shetlar has made it her mission to meet every student at the University of Lynchburg. While she has yet to complete this goal, the word about UL’s president elect is spreading.

   Students are eager to meet Dr. Morrison-Shetlar and see the impact she will have on the university campus.

   Tiernan Harcourt-Brooke, a sophomore economics and theatre double major, said, “I liked her. I was part of the selection committee and I thought she was a very great candidate. She had a lot of experience in academia, she was very personable. She seemed like she had herself together and had great plans for our University that I feel are in line with our current values and that we can improve upon.”

    Junior sports management major, Nathaniel Pierce said, “I have met Alison, yes. She is dope.”

   Laura Elphee, a junior nursing major, said, “I have seen her, but I have not met her in person. [I have heard] that she is really nice and worldly, and she seems to know a lot of things about people and wants to get to know everybody, which is pretty awesome.”

   While Cameron Short, a senior computer science major, said, “I have not met her, but she seems chill enough.”

    Junior criminology major,  Israel Lockamy, said, “[I have heard] that she is really good. I am an athlete, and I have heard that she wants to meet all of the athletes and have a close relationship with them, not just, you know, let it go by. She wants to basically be involved around campus and not just be the president, but have a close relationship with everyone.”

        Megan Ingram, a senior biomedical science major, said, “I have not [met Dr. Morrison-Shetlar]. I have heard that she is Scottish, and that she has a cool accent, and that she is very tall. She played basketball, and I heard she is really nice.”

       Students’ ideas for the changes they wish to see her implement at the university varied.     Lockamy said, “[I would like to see] exactly what she is trying to do, because I think that, because we are such a small campus, that would be better for us if we have a relationship with our president, and basically just do her best and make sure that everyone on campus is happy.”

     Schnieder, however, said, “I am pretty satisfied, I do not know.”

     Harcourt-Brooke said, “I am hoping for better increasing retention rates at this school, which are very low. I think that is a shame since I personally enjoy this university and I want everyone that comes here to have the best experience that they can and make sure that they stay here for four years.

     Elphee said, “I guess kind of like, get everybody more involved and get to know people around campus. I am just excited to see what changes can happen. Get more spaces for nursing students to have classes and things like that because we are stuck in Brewer, which is all the way across campus from everywhere, anywhere nearby. So, it would be nice to be able to have a more centralized location, because we are outgrowing it as a program.”

     Pierce said, “My primary concern is Greek Life, being a Greek life president, so my primary concern right now is having her assistance in getting rid of deferred recruitment for IFC and PC organizations. We have the ability to help first years do well with their first year academics.”

     Ingram said, “[I would like to see her] be super active and talk to students and lead us in a good way.”

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