Caroline Wilkerson ~ Staff Writer

     During the week of Feb. 3-8, fraternities on campus will be hosting their spring Rush Week.

     The fraternities that will be participating is this rush week are Sigma Nu, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Phi Kappa Tau.

     As seen on the University of Lynchburg website, “currently there are eleven chapters (both sororities and fraternities) at the University of Lynchburg–that’s 16% of the student population.” The website continued, saying, “the three principles of fraternity and sorority life are fellowship, knowledge, and honor.”

     Drew Pelkey, Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life, said, “The requirements that a student needs to meet in order to rush are having 12 Lynchburg credits and having a 2.5 QPA. Although, the chapters have national requirements for QPA. For example, Sigma Nu has a 2.5, Sigma Phi Epsilon has a 2.65, and Phi Kappa Tau has a 2.65. They are only able to give bids to members that meet these requirements that are set forth by their national headquarters.”

     According the the UL website, “During the week of recruitment, each chapter holds their own events for prospective members. Then, chapters hold their own invitation-only events for prospective members. The following day, chapters hand out membership bids. If you receive a bid, you have the opportunity to accept, defer, or decline membership.”

     When Kyle Taylor, senior and member of Phi Kappa Tau, was asked about what being in a fraternity meant to him, he responded by saying, “[Joining a fraternity] has made me become intertwined in the Greek community that is a subsection of the greater University of Lynchburg. You begin to become part of a brotherhood, with not only your own brothers, but with everyone involved in Greek life.” 

     He continued, “Without my fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau, I would not have had the opportunity to be involved in things like community service with Special Olympics and leadership opportunities, as well as the overall way they have molded me into a better man. Without my brothers, my time at Lynchburg would be way more trivial and way less memorable and transformative.”

     Larry Hamlett, junior and member of Sigma Nu, added, “Being a member of fraternity life has led me to being more directly involved in events on campus. I’ve been given various opportunities to give back to the Lynchburg community through service both on and off campus. Most importantly, I have created bonds with people that I can truly trust and rely on.” 

     Hamlett continued, “Before I joined, I felt disconnected from much of the college community. I feel that I wouldn’t have grown the way I have if I hadn’t joined.”

     Pelkey concluded, “If a student is on the fence about joining, my suggestion would be to attend events put on by the IFC chapters. This is a great way to meet the men of the chapter and answer any questions about IFC Fraternity Life. The events will be posted around campus, so be on the lookout for that!”