College Life: Study Abroad Edition

Kelli Carter

Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     Traveling has always been something that I loved doing. It is a way to learn more about a culture that an average textbook can not tell you. Going into college, I always knew I wanted to do a study abroad, whether it be a J-Term or for a whole semester. I was scared at first of missing out on what was going on back home at Lynchburg, but then it just hit me that this place is now my other home

     This semester, I am doing a semester abroad in Barcelona. I have been to this city before and knew that I needed to come back. Actually getting the chance to live here has been so amazing so far and I am excited to see what this semester has in store. 

     The first day of arriving in my new home I was very jet lagged, knew no one, barely spoke the language here, and on top of that, I had to find out that my luggage did not arrive with my plane. I was completely freaking out, called my mom to tell her about everything, and just broke down crying. She reminded me to get my stuff together and that I got that. Hearing these words from a mother makes everything seem like it will be alright.

     I took a deep breath and got into a cab at the airport to go to my new house for the next 4 months. I arrived, got me key, took off my bag, and said, “Wow, I am actually going to be living here.” I knew that the first thing I needed to do was buy clothes and toiletries. The fact that I lost my luggage actually helped me make friends.

     I met two girls in the elevator and told them my story. To my surprise, they were willing to go shopping with me and we got dinner afterwards. A lot of my friends that I have made here was because of me needing help with something or just taking a step out of my comfort zone to be more extroverted. 

     I have only been here for about 3 weeks but I know that this experience is going to change me for the better. I see it in my confidence to speak Spanish even if I am not always right at first, or just meeting new people that will have an impact on the rest of your life. 

     Study abroad is an experience that college students should truly get the chance to experience because not only are you learning about a culture, but you get to call another place in the world your home for sometime. 

     This is just the beginning of many more adventures to come. Let us see what next week has in store for me. 

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