The Environmental Activism Presentation will be held in the Hopwood Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor

      On Dec 4, University of Lynchburg Hornets are invited to an Environmental Activism Presentation hosted by students from the ENST 398 class, Special Topics in Environmental Science.

      Lilly Smith, a sophomore helping to host the event, said, “[T]his is basically just bringing awareness about things specifically that are close to campus and around in the Lynchburg City in general, mostly. Like, a lot of it is going to be about plastics and trash, but it is also going to be about the community getting involved.”

      Hannah Pine, a junior who is also helping to host the event, said, “Here are the issues we are facing. Here is what I am doing. Here is what I need other people do. I am going to do this. You do not realize how much you can do until you are doing it. I never thought that I could organize this event until I reserved the room. And it was like, let’s start talking to people and everyone is like, all right, cool. Now it is a double cultural event, no write up, for Westovers. The Greek calendar is involved. It is going out and the Info Hornet. We are putting posters up. We are doing different activism to kind of raise awareness, like it is just a crazy sort of thing that has happened.

      Pine said, “It is going to focus a lot on what we have done and why we have done it specifically within our activism class. Then, we are going to have a section where it focuses more on how Hornets can get involved and kind of some of the opportunities that are often overlooked on campus as well as off campus.”

     Pine continued, “The base one that I have worked on is Lynchburg Environmental Sustainability Society. We are kind of revamping that and trying to get it up and running, and so we need some new people. A couple other opportunities we have generally are right to your representatives. Talk to the people. I mean, your voice really is heard. Often times it has to be heard legally. They are going to go into depth about why people are obligated to listen to you and how you can use that power to make the most change.”

      Smith said, “[S]ome other [things] on campus would be like the Outdoor Leadership Program, [which] does some stuff. And that would be really good just to get involved in that. [It] gets people out in nature, which is something that is really important. I would also say good resources would be taking the classes, even though they are environmental classes. They do count for other things. Specifically, [Dr. Thomas] Shahady’s activism class has not just been environmentally focused, but you can apply it to so many different majors.

     Concerning the presentation, Pine said, “It was a total of eight of us in the class. Each one of us is doing a different activism.” Smith agreed, continuing, “Every single one of us in the class is participating within each other’s activism and assisting each other. I think that that’s another great thing is just learning how to be with people and then like being able to create something of your own.

     Smith finished, saying, “I have read the book about Aldo Leopold and he always said, like, the best way for you to be connected and understand the world around you, is to be outside and living within it.”

     According to the flyer, the Environmental Activism Presentation will be held in the Hopwood Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.

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