Internship Opportunities for Students

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Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     Internships allow students to experience workplace environments and network with prospective employees. Many majors at the University of Lynchburg require students to  complete an internship prior to graduation.

     Jimmy Roux, professor of communication studies, said, “Networking is important because that is the single most effective way people gain employment. People who network are in the know about where positions are so they can fill them quickly and get the jump on the competition.”

     Roux also said, “Networking can make you a stronger candidate in the workforce because networking is a skill of relationship development and the key to success in the workforce is managing professional relationships with supervisors, subordinates, co-workers and others in the workplace.  People who are successful networkers are also successful at managing work relationships.”

     Students who choose to go to the Career and Professionalism Center at the University of Lynchburg can get help with a vast amount of things so they can be ready for the real world. The Career and Professionalism Center can help students with resume writing, cover letters, thank-you letters, internships, jobs online, and Pro+.

     Nicholas Prechel, a sophomore and Westover Honors College student, said, “ I had to go the Career and Professionalism Center to work on my resume so that I can apply for this internship that I had last summer. They really helped me out and made my resume professional so I am really grateful.”

     Jodi Caretti, a student worker at the Career and Professionalism Center, said, “We help students work on resumes and find internships and prepare them for the future. We put on workshops like resume building, how to make a Linkedin, and a lot of other useful things that can help you in the work world.”

     Caretti then said, “We see a lot of freshmen, especially Westover freshmen, working on their resumes, but we also see a lot of juniors and seniors looking for internships and jobs.”

     The Career and Professionalism Center provides a support system to ensure students are prepared for the world of work and their available career paths.

     For more information about the Career and Professionalism Center, visit

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