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Photo of Katherine Daniel and her mom. Taken in July 2019.

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor in Chief

    My mom is an amazing, hard working woman. She does so much for everyone and I am not sure how she does it. I feel that sometimes people just do not understand how much my mom does for everyone. She takes on so much responsibility with her job, classes to  get her Ph.D., still helping out my travel softball organization, and much more! She is always really busy! Even through the roughest days, my mom pushes through it with a smile on her face. I really think I get it from her because I am always busy with my job(s) and extracurricular activities. If I was older, I could probably be my mom’s twin because we are so much alike. The one thing that I cherish the most is the relationship that my mom and I have. She is my best friend and I can go to talk to her about anything. Whether it is to vent about all the homework I have or things that are just not going right in life, I can talk to her about anything. Here are some of the reasons why I love having my mom as my best friend. 

  1. She is supportive. My mom has always been supportive. Whether it is trying something new or applying for a job, she has always been so supportive. If I wanted to be a softball player for the rest of my life, she would support me all the way. She does put her foot down on some things, but most of the time she is supporting me.  
  2. She is encouraging. My mom has always been so encouraging. When I am down, she always knows how to encourage me that it will be okay and that everything will get better. 
  3. She pushes through the rough days with a smile. My mom does not let her emotions show a lot, so she pushes through each day with a smile on her face. I try to do the same thing, but sometimes it is hard to get through the days without showing my emotions on my face. She is strong and even when things are rough at times, she always keeps the emotions inside. 
  4. She loves to go to concerts with me. My mom LOVES to go to concerts with me. Mostly country music concerts, but if I needed someone to go to a rap concert with me, she would. She can be embarrassing sometimes with her dancing, but since going with her different times, it has gotten better.
  5. She loves to go to the beach with me. My mom and I try to take trips to the beach every summer. We love going and laying on the beach to relax. We love going out to eat and grubbing down on the all you can eat seafood options. So good!!
  6. When I am having a rough day, she knows how to make me smile. There are many times that I am having a rough day, whether it be with school or one of my many jobs. When I am having these rough days, my mom knows how to make me smile and laugh.
  7. She puts up with me. Now, I can sometimes have a bad attitude or just not in the mood, and can get snippy with my mom. She gets a little perturbed with me from time to time when things like this happen. Even though she gets irritated about it, she puts up with me because she loves me.
  8. Her and I FaceTime EVERY night. I FaceTime my mom every night. We talk about how my and her day went and other stuff. It goes from talk about my day to her day, to the dogs, and other random stuff. It is definitely nice to get and talk to her every night because I do not know what I would do without her.
  9. She’s always been my No. 1 fan throughout my life. My mom has always been my #1 fan throughout life. With sports, she was the only one at every single football, basketball, and softball game to cheer me on. It did not matter what she had going on, she was always there for me.
  10. The final reason, Sometimes, I realize I’m becoming a lot like her…and I’m glad. My mom is an amazing woman and I hear all the time “you look just like your mom.” You know what… I am glad because she is truly amazing. She is hard working, a great supporter, always on the go, loves all my fur babies, and a bad ass. I wish everyone out there had a mom like I do. 
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