Happy Holidays
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Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor 

     There has been a little debate that has arisen within my friend group. This debate is something I am sure a lot of readers can understand, and hopefully more than a few will take my side.

      Now that Halloween is over, is it Christmas? When is it an appropriate time to break out the favorite holiday tunes? Is it too early to put a blow-up snowman in the yard and erect a tree in the living room?

      I am a staunch believer that no, it is not Christmas. My boyfriend and a lot of my other friends, however, insist on playing Christmas music and arguing that it is now that time of year again.

      I am all for the holiday season, but it is the first full week of November. All the gift-giving holidays are still a ways away. Still, that fact does not stop Walmart, Kroger, or even the Walgreens I work at from replacing all the Halloween things with Santa Clause, menorahs, and trees.

      Halloween might be my favorite holiday, but the holiday season at the end of the year is a close second. Not only does it mean that I am closer to my birthday, but often I get to see family that I have not in a while. It is a time I get to spend with my close friends and family where we eat food and I get yet another pair of earrings I cannot wear, unsolicited comments about my tattoos or music taste, and probably someone outing me to my grandparents for getting my nose pierced.

      I understand why people want to start listening to “Jingle Bells” and putting fake snow everywhere. The feeling of the holiday season is something we all typically enjoy. It is also a time we, as students, get to relax! There is no test to study for, no essay to write, and no class to rush to. It is a time for lazing about and enjoying warm drinks and maybe a fire or two. It also means that finals are over and you get a chance to breathe for once.

     Despite all these future relaxations we can look forward to around the holiday season, it is still a long time off. We have three weeks until Thanksgiving break, and at least for me, those three weeks are full of essays and tests. After Thanksgiving break, I will gladly break out my red and white hat, deck the halls, and sing carols at the top of my lungs.