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Photo of Peter Boie video intro.

Caroline Wilkerson ~ Staff Writer

     Peter Boie wowed the University of Lynchburg community with his magical prowess on Oct. 30, with Summoning Spirits in the campus ballroom.

     According to the Summoning Spirits website, the show is described as a, “Reach beyond the grave with an all new show that will make you scream! Summoning Spirits is a seance meets magic show designed to get your heart pumping with help from the other side! Written and performed by Peter, he brings to life old legends and haunted stories live on stage, for your delight… and fright. You are not going to want to miss this show!”

     Senior Samantha Sullivan who attended the show said, “As someone who has always been really interested in the paranormal realm due to some personal experiences with it, I enjoyed hearing all the stories he had to tell. The show itself was great and had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats!”

     The website also noted, “Peter [Boie] first became fascinated with magic at the age of eleven when he stumbled across a magic book at his local library.  He now travels around the country performing his award winning magic that will defy your reality. Peter’s show is about two things, astonishing magic, and having a good time; and he doesn’t skimp on either.”

     A week prior to Boie’s show, on Tuesday, Oct. 22, the University of Lynchburg hosted another spooky show with performer Chris Fleming. Fleming is a ghost hunter and medium from Chicago, Illinois. 

     According to the official site of Chris Fleming, he says, “Through my supernatural and spiritual encounters over the past 44 years I have learned a lot, not only about the afterlife, but also the living in regards to how our spirit and consciousness work. My goal is to take what I know and bring greater awareness towards our soul. He continues, saying, “I have been investigating ghosts and paranormal phenomena since my early childhood experiences. Mixing mediumship and technology to communicate, collaborate and validate their existence.

     Senior, Amber Kanode, at the University of Lynchburg, said, “I loved listening to Chris’ lecture that gave us some background on his gift and how he developed it. I found it interesting to hear about how his different events in his life contributed to his ability now.”

     Senior, Elena Fergusson, added, “I thought these performances were a great way to get everyone ready for the spooky season. I am not a huge believer in the paranormal, but I still found the performances extremely interesting and exciting.”

     Fleming’s show concluded with a paranormal hunt around the University of Lynchburg campus.