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Dr.Beth Savage and Dr. Edward DeClair posing with the Westover class of 2023 at Westover Induction. Photo by John McCormick.

Hannah Belayachi ~ Guest Writer

     The Westover Honors College at the University of Lynchburg has introduced a new curriculum starting with the class of 2023, in which only 46 credit hours are required to graduate with honors. 

     Course catalogues prior to 2019, the credit hours required for graduating as a Westover Honors College fellow were 53. The new curriculum drops a four-credit science class, one less colloquium, and one less semester of a language that fellows have to take. 

     “The changes were made to bring the Westover curriculum more ‘in-line’ with the DELL general education curriculum changes that were adopted this year,” said Susan Kennon, registrar at the University of Lynchburg. 

     Kennon further explained, “The older general education requirements were 51.0 hours and the new DELL general education has dropped to 42.0 hours. Therefore, the Westover program wanted to give students an enriching experience but make it mirror DELL in ways such as 6.0 hours of sequential foreign language and 4.0 hours of natural science (HONR 200).”

     HONR 200 is a new addition to the Westover curriculum, focusing on sustainability, which is a main pillar in the University of Lynchburg’s strategic plan.

     While the credit hours may have dropped for future Westover fellows, the new curriculum also adds a service requirement, in which fellows must complete at least one service event through the Westover Honors College each semester. 

      “Westover Honors has always encouraged service and felt with the university’s focus on sustainability created a nice symmetry to offer service options focused on sustainability,” Edward DeClair, dean of the Westover Honors College explained. “We have plans to build on the service initiative as we explore programming options in the FYE community and in the second year living and learning community.”

      With the new curriculum well underway, the Westover Honors College is aiming for this curriculum to truly give their fellows “More Than a Degree.” 




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