Turner Gym Parking Lot , University of Lynchburg , October 12 2019

Chelsea Edwards ~ Guest Writer

Parking for the students that live in Freer, Shack, and the new residence hall has become a big issue at the University of Lynchburg.

   When the New Residence Hall was built, they lost over 100 parking spots for the students. 

            The University relined the Turner Gymnasium parking lot over the summer and changed the direction of the spots to create more space for the students.

  On Saturday on Oct. 12, 2019,  the parking lot was again relined, as a result the students lost up to 30 spots to in favor of  new yellow lined sport for faculty and staff. The Head of Security, Bob Driskill stated that, “There are only 85 spots: 46 staff, two handicap, and eight reserve spots in the Turner Gym lot after relining it again.” 


      Students who live in these buildings have voiced their unhappiness. 

    Caroline Gerke, a sophomore, stated, “I am extremely unhappy with the parking situation this year, as they have relined the parking lot. There are even fewer spaces and I do not think it is fair for them to tell us to park in the Nest.”


Emails have been sent to students requesting they  park in the Nest.  


“Last year, we were gifted a new parking lot at Thomas Road, beside the Nest. This parking lot is currently receiving upgrades, so it is not yet ready for cars to be parked overnight.  However, when it is ready, we will need to utilize it for our influx of cars. It should be ready by [Oct. 11-12],” said an email sent from the Dean of Students Office.


The parking lot next to the Nest was donated by Liberty University to the University of Lynchburg last year. 

Lynchburg began converting the lot to create additional parking because they are aware of the parking issues on campus. 

“The lot is not completed, but they lined it this weekend and plan on putting in an electric gate. The plan is to put a pedestrian bridge into the Nest so students and staff will not have to walk all the way around,” said, Driskill. As of now, students can park in the new lot.

The lot right now is 350 spaces for faculty and staff and/or students. “It is not the ideal location, but it is still close to campus so no one has to fight for a parking spot,” said Driskill.


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Director of Campus Safety and Security

(434) 544.8452 


Caroline Gerke

Sophomore at the University of Lynchburg



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