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Chris Jennings ~ Guest Writer

Lynchburg, Va— Swimming has returned to the Lynchburg athletics and will host their first meet in over 40 years. 

The original Lynchburg swim team competed between 1950-1971. 

The Lynchburg Swim team will host ODAC team, Bridgewater, and non-conference rival, Mary Washington, Friday night at the Liberty Natatorium at 6:00 p.m.

Lynchburg has been picked to place fifth on the men’s side and sixth on the women’s. However, this past weekend at the ODAC relay meet both squads were able to finish fourth. 

The Lynchburg Swim team has been able to drive in swimmers from all across the country, such as first year student Mason Swammer from Houston,Texas as well as hometown girl Abbie Arthur. Both students came with similar intention of growing as students, people,and athletes. However, Lynchburg attracted their eyes in a different way. 

Arthur was a highly decorated high school swimmer at Jefferson Forest High School in Lynchburg. “I get a chance to stay in my hometown and that is a dream come true,” she mentioned. 

Arthur said, “I really wanted a chance to swim again for a school that my parents and family would be able to come see me compete at.” 

Then when asked about how the team will do for the meet, she added, “The team has already become close and I feel that even though it is mainly freshman on the team, we will be able to be a force at the ODAC championships. When a team becomes as close as we are it makes training easier and drives us to compete.” 

Swanner came from the Houston, Texas area where he lead a very competitive team in the state. While Swanner mentions the fact that he looked all around the country, he felt most at home in Lynchburg. 

“Coach Dunn just attracted me with his enthusiasm and made Lynchburg feel more like a home than any other school,”Swanner said.

Swanner also said, “I know once February comes around, we will all be able to go our fastest times and that is when it will count the most.” 

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